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boutique coffee is an art form and a privilege

At the establishment coffee company you will find the team carefully roasting their beans, blending and tasting to create the perfect cup of coffee. With over 50 years of coffee experience, their knowledge base is so great, they create a coffee experience like nowhere else.

Ph: 07 5537 8538

our range

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  • the upshot

  • medium

An amazing cup of pick me up and put me out there. Individually sourced, our batch roasted beans ensure each blend is the ultimate coffee experience. The chemistry in the upshot creates a thicker crema, a full bodied, smooth sweet blend, with caramel understones and a nutty cedar aftertaste.

  • dark
  • the hookup

More of a slap in the face than a gentle wake up, the hookup is an intense flavour burst derived from an exotic blend of rich dark roasted beans. An unexpected romance, as delightful as it is intense, give it a go, you’ll be glad we got them together!

  • kickstart

  • kapow

A lift when you need it most. The kickstart is bold and brassy, with more caffeine than other establishment blends, this littl number is designed to give you the kickstart you really need. Deeply roasted to a toasty mouthful, the kickstart boasts chocolately undertones, a full bodied molasses mid line and a delicious caramel aftertaste.

  • intense
  • the done deal

Let's sign it while we're walking. Individually sourced, our batch roasted beans ensure each blend is the ultimate coffee experience. The chemistry in the done deal creates a robust crema, a deeply rich mouthful, with chocolate and shiraz understones and satisfying, juniper berry and oak end notes. Deeply roasted, the done deal is the coffee you signed up for.

  • only organic

  • omg

Down to earth and deliciously nutty, the establishments 100% only organic beans are the real real. Harvested in Ethiopia, this organic blend is a sweet rich coffee, well rounded, graduating to a deep chocolately finish. Smooth and fruity, Ethiopian forest grown coffee is medium roasted to enhance these full bodied flavours.

  • mountain water decaffeinated
  • the flirt

Our mountain water decaf is refined using no chemicals, just pure mountain water, so you can flirt with the taste of establishment beans, without the commitment of the ultimate caffeine rush.

  • barista's blend

  • own it

If you’d like a custom roast for your cafe, the establishment has you covered. We supply individual roasts in plain white coffee bags, so you can own the experience. The establishment’s roasters enjoy creating new blends and have the skills to match your coffee dreams. Get on line and get in touch with one of our friendly team.

  • think big
  • corporate blend

Thinking big? Think bigger discounts and better quality. At the establishment we value our corporate clients, supplying large batch lots of expertly roasted beans is a skill we are prepared to share. We have many corporate clients who choose our team to create the perfect roast for their flagship. If you’d like to chat big, get in touch with the establishment team.

our package deal

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  • latest coffee machines

the Polaris is a Wega coffee machine with character that will give personality to any café with its aerodynamic body and LED side panel.

  • mazzer grinders

your best choice in coffee grinding. A selection of grinders are available that best suit your café setting. Mazzer grinders preserve the coffee aroma and flavour no matter the bean variety.

  • marketing

we will support your café business with a range of personalised marketing materials including branded crockery, barista shirts and aprons, market umbrellas, wind barriers, A frames and tear drop flags. Other visual displays can be customised to suit your business branding.

  • barista training

coffee is only as good as the barista making it. We provided regular one on one training to all your baristas to ensure that your customers enjoy only the best establishment coffee. Enjoy annual competitions across our range of cafes.

  • onsite machines service

a regular program of quality control is undertaken with complimentary machine servicing provided every 6 months

cafe supplies

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At the establishment coffee we offer a range of café supplies to supplement our delicious coffee range.

  • temptation

  • coffee syrups

a great range of natural syrups including caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, rocky road and gingerbread.

  • the hug

  • belgian drinking chocolate

a velvety smooth drinking chocolate that is rich and delicious, blends effortlessly with milk to create a chocolate lover’ s dream. A warm cup of friendship.

  • tea loose leaf and pyramid bags


high quality tea in a wide range of flavours including english breakfast, earl grey, peppermint and chamomile.

  • chais

power chai, vanilla chai and chai elixir.

  • takeaway cups


8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz branded takeaway cups.

  • superfood lattes

golden turmeric elixir, kyoto matcha.

order now

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The Upshot Blend (1 kilo) - $35
The Hookup Blend $37
The Flirt (Decaff) Blend $45
The Done Deal Blend $39
The Organic Blend $45
The Kickstart Blend (1 kilo) $32

Complimentary shipping on retail orders over $50.

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